Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another Test

Just another test to see if I can work this new blog thing.. Not much going on to talk about. No diving this weekend, no flying this weekend, not even a Cup race this weekend. The Busch Boys and some Busch-Whackers are in Mexico, but it's not the same. I'm seriously think about sitting down and doing my taxes, but I just don't have the patience to deal with that 4 hour process just yet.. The real reason for this was to post a picture to see how it was going to look on the site..
How do you know when your dog doesn't want you to go on a week long cruise? The reason I'm thinking of this is, we are about to go on another cruise in a few weeks and the picture you see is what we went through last September when we were getting ready to go. Ripley knows what the suitcase means. He sits in it, pulls our clothes out of it and makes it very hard to get everything ready to go. Smart dog, if you ask me. But, since the baby is due in July, we had to get our vacation out of the way sooner this year since it will be the last real one we take for a year or so. So, we're headed on another cruise to the Bahamas this time. We were supposed to hit Nassau last year, but Hurricane Rita had something to say about that. She pounded the Bahamas, so we were diverted to San Juan, PR instead. That was a great stop, but we would like to see the Bahamas this year, especially since I heard about the great diving there. Can't wait to try it out. Of course, the trip write up will be on my website, not the blog. You'll have to visit my website if you are interested in those pictures and stories. Until next time...


At 06 March, 2006 10:35, Anonymous bp said...

Picture looks good man. Keep it up


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