Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Senior Moment

When you get to be my age, you start to have more and more of these. For the last two days, I have been pulling a rescheduled UTA for my Air Force Reserve duty. Meaning: I’ve been coming in wearing my Air Force uniform instead of my street clothes to work. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my PT (Physical Training) days where, normally, Sid and I play racquetball. We have a golf tournament on Thursday and since neither of us have swung a club since our last tournament back in October or November, we decided to hit the driving range instead of the racquetball court. Sid also bought a new set of clubs yesterday so, he wanted to try and get used them. Although, with the way we play, “getting used to them” is just a bunch of words. We play golf to be outside, have a good time and drink a few beers. Neither of us are good and neither of us care that we aren’t good. We’re just there for fun. But, that’s not the reason for this write up..
Of course, neither of us wanted to go to the driving range in uniform, so we changed here at work into shorts and t-shirts and went to the range. After a 4 month break, it’s official: we both still suck. After we finished, we went our separate ways. As I got home, I had a bunch of stuff to unload from the truck. Golf clubs, uniform, cell phone and all those extras you carry with you everyday and I had to go to curb to pick up the big rolling trash can since it was trash day and pick up the mail. I grabbed my uniform, boots, and extras and laid them on the back of truck and went and got the trash can and mail. I came back up, put way the clubs, trash can, etc, grabbed my uniform and all and headed in the house. I leave the house today about 6:20 am and head to base. My house is about 7-8 miles from base and take 1 4-lane divided road there. Not a hard drive at all. I get about 5-6 miles down the road this morning and a truck pulls up beside me with the driver waving his arms to get my attention. I roll down my window and look at him. “Your boots are on your bumper!!” Great. Thank You!!! I stop at the next red light and get out. Lo and behold, they are both still on there. I toss them in the bed of the truck and look at the driver behind me with a look that says, “Yes, I’m an idiot.” How they stayed on there, I’ll never know.. There is a 70 mph stretch on this road that I had already passed. Whatever. I’m just grateful for the guy that told me they were back there. Sometimes, getting old is a bitch.


At 08 March, 2006 13:12, Anonymous bp said...

Not there yet but turning 31 this year so who knows.....


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