Sunday, September 01, 2013

Keep the Power

I'm going to write an update for the last few years pretty soon, but for now, I'm just getting used to writing again. Today, I had another revelation. It's one I've known and used in the past, but over the last few days, I haven't put it into practice. I got passed over for a promotion this past week. Being passed over isn't what bothers me. Ok, actually it does bother me, but knowing how our area works, I knew I wasn't going to get the job. They very rarely promote from within. They normally look to the outside for the promotions and that's something I've never understood. But, whatever the case, although I knew I was going to passed over, it didn't stop me from applying for the job anyway. The part that bugs the absolute fuck out of me about this, is the fact that neither of my two bosses talked to me about it. I got notified by having the application website send me an email telling me that "another applicant was selected for the position." Out of all of the resumes that hit the desk, I was the only person in the actual shop that applied for the job. Yet, I didn't get talked too. BUT, here is the revelation: Since I found out, I've been pissed, I've been sad, I've lost a few hours sleep getting worked up over it, I've been using up valuable brain time running scenarios through my head how to bring it up to them. (Knowing good and well I won't do it) I had given those guys the power over my mood. I finally realized today, that I was doing that. Heather has reminded me time and time again not give away my power and only use my thoughts for me, my family and things I can control. I can't control anyone making a decision like that. But, what I can control is not letting it ruin my mood, not letting it ruin my time with my family this weekend. You have the power in yourself to do anything. But, you have to make the conscious decision to retain your power and not give it away to anyone else. Especially other people you have no control over. Why would you let someone else control your mood??? From now on: You (and I) won't!! Until next time: Keep The Power!!

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At 01 September, 2013 14:57, Anonymous Crystal {} said...

Damn! That's harsh. I have no words other than I think I would be in the same position you are now, looking for another job. Sounds like no matter how long you remain a loyal employee, you aren't going to get anywhere. You're too good for that shit anyway.

At 01 September, 2013 15:02, Anonymous cj said...

Sorry to hear about the "Passover", Dale-- but I'm glad to see that you used this experience to grow and, as you said, reclaim your power :)



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