Monday, March 13, 2006

Contact Info: Update, Update, Update.

You know all those little companies you do business with and have "Contact Info" online with them? Well, if you don't do business with them on a monthly basis like you do with most of your bill collectors, you may forget to update that information when you move, change email addresses, etc.. Yeah, well, any of you that tried to send me email over the weekend found out that I didn't keep my info updated on my domain name/web hosting business I deal with. Although my web hosting is a automatic recurring charge from my bank account, my domain name doesn't work the same way. They are to send me an email when renewal time comes around and then I pay for it. They did.. But, it was to my old dial up address I had when I lived in Cochran, over a year ago. I never updated my info, they didn't have the new stuff and my domain name expired on 10 March. So, if you sent email and got a "Mail Failure: Host Unknown" now you know why. I've updated my info and paid my fee, but it will take a day or so to get everything working again. Once the website comes back up, the mail will start flowing again. I changed the address for comments to go to until they get me back up and working, so comments can still come in..
Sorry about that.. Lesson Learned. Keep your Contact Info UPDATED!!!
On another note: Golf didn't go so bad last Thursday. Could have been better, but could have been a lot worse.. Still had a great time.. This picture was from the tournament. The Chaplain wanted to have his picture with everyone that golfed that day. L-R: Paul, our Chaplain (who is retiring and the reason for the golf tourney), me and Sid. Big Dawg, our 4th player, had to leave early and wasn't in the picture. We had a great time.. Hope everyone had a great weekend..


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