Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Yum. Crow.

Those of you that know me, know I'm not one to fly off the handle, jump to conclusions, over react or...... Ok. I couldn't even type that with a straight face. Yeah, I am well known for doing all of the above and more, including the over-usage of the word fuck. Over the years, I have seriously mellowed compared to what I was like in my Active Duty days. Although they may be few and far between, I still have my times where I'll go a bit overboard in my enthusiasm, disappointment or anger. Some are warranted, some, not so much. In the times where it falls in the "not so much" category, I have to make things right. And that brings us to today...

A couple days ago I wrote about being passed over for a promotion and not being talked to by my bosses although I was the only person actually in the shop to apply for the job. (Others applied, I was just the only one actually already working in the shop) Well, today, my big boss called me in his office. He asked me if I got my "Dear John" letter from the website. I told him yes and then he explained to me how he made his decision and where I fell in the lineup. After that, he proceeded to tell me where I got beat out by the competition and what I could do to make things look more in my favor the next time this came around. All very valid points. Ummm. Ok, I was WAY wrong about how I perceived what they thought about us. Or, at least, what he thought about me. I took everything he said, made my notes and will do what I can to make things look better in the future. Not only that, after bitching about not getting spoken to last week, I made sure I thanked him, multiple times, for taking the time to speak with me and in pointing out my weak areas so I can work on them. After that was said and done, we had a staff meeting and my other boss mentioned the same thing to me and told me if I had any questions about anything, please come and hit him up and we could discuss. Big Boss already took care of that, but, again, I was very appreciative for them taking the time to address the matter with me.

Although I will bitch loudly about things, I will also take my lumps, apologize when necessary and eat a healthy portion of crow when I must. I wonder how easy it is to floss out these damn feathers???

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At 03 September, 2013 20:22, Anonymous Crystal @phatycake.com said...

I hope you lysoled that crow before you put it in your mouth! -justsayin

Well, that’s awesome about your job. I bet it feels better now to head off to work where you are valued. =]


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