Saturday, March 25, 2006

Last Post for March '06

This will be my last post for this month.. I am going on vacation tomorrow!!! Bahamas, here we come!!! Thanks to my brother-in-law, the house is being lived in and the animals are being taken care of.. Like I would mention I was leaving town if the house wasn't going to be lived in. Not to mention, my gun totin' law man cousin lives one street over and will be constantly checking the house while we're gone. :) Can't wait.. Got some drinkin' to do, some relaxing to catch up on and some scuba to enjoy!!! There will be plenty of pics and stories on the website when I get back..
I just had to pass on one little tidbit of conversation I witnessed today at the Mall while Darling Bride and I were doing some last minute shopping for the cruise..
The following conversation happened between an older couple behind me in line at JC Penney.
Woman: I'm going to take these things to the car and then I'll meet you at the Food Court.
Man: Where is the Food Court?
Woman: Walk right down here and go down the stairs.
Man: Just right out there?
Woman: Yes.
Man: While you're at the car, don't forget to get my teeth.

Y'all have a great week, I know I am.


At 26 March, 2006 23:06, Anonymous bp said...

Enjoy your vacation. I expect many pics of the underwater world.


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