Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm alive..

Sorry.. I'm alive.. I just have been so busy with the Holidays, I haven't had time to sit in here and write anything.. Hopefully, I'll get some time during the coming weekend.

A couple of quick updates:
My sister has gone through two rounds of chemo (Round # 3 this coming Tuesday) and she is doing fine. Although she shaved her hair, it doesn't seem to want to stay away, so she actually has a bit of hair right now. Still wearing the scarves and hats. But overall, she is doing amazingly well..

The other quick update was #1 Mom let me have a kitchen pass this past Sunday and I went and helped Scuba Steve out with a class during their pool session. It was a good time and I'm learning more and more about being an instructor every time I go in there with him. He is letting me do more each time and evaluates me when we finish with the Students. Being a safety diver is a great time and it lets me keep up with my skills as well as helping the students learn new ones. The picture is me (with no hair) helping a student do his "fin pivot" in the deep end. Hand up = Breathe In to lift your self off the floor. Hand Down = Breathe Out to lower yourself back down. See? Ain't I good? :)

And, last but definitely not least: Tiny Baby is getting big. She is rolling over, she is eating with a spoon and she just started squealing with delight over the past weekend. She is just a joy to be around. #1 Mom has an Office Dinner tomorrow night, so Tiny Baby and I will hanging out together, just the two of us, all evening. It will be some serious Baby/Daddy time.

Until next time..

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