Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good Luck

Good Luck to my sister, Leslie. She starts her chemo regime today. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers over the next few months while she completes her treatment for the second time.

Everything seems to be going according to plan. Her doctors have been great and they have all agreed to the treatment, so now it's time to get the treatment underway.

This is a picture taken from this past Friday. Since Leslie is going to lose her hair during the chemo treatments, I decided she didn't need to go through the no-hair phase alone. So, we will both be that way together. She came over the house last Friday and, along with her daughter, Alyssa Baby Girl, they cut my hair and shaved my head. Although a bit chilly, I kinda like my head this way. I'll probably keep it this way as long as #1 Mom will allow me to do so. But, I digress..

Again, Good Luck to my Sis.. Please keep her in your thoughts.. Also, if you would like to visit her online journal, Click Here.


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