Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Back from Vacation

Well, we are back. Although the cruise was not the best one we have ever been on, it was still a great time. I'm in the process of doing the write up on the website. I'm hoping to have all the write ups and pictures posted by the weekend. If not, they will all be up by the end of the weekend.
The biggest lesson I learned this year was this: If you go on vacation when others feel like they have to be on vacation, you don't meet near as many nice people.. Explanation: Usually, we go on vacation around the 3rd week in September, in conjunction with our wedding anniversary.

During that time, all the schools are in and the people on vacation at that time of year are people that just want to be on vacation. The attitudes are nice, they are in "slow down and have fun" mode. Everyone is just in a better mood. This year, we went on our cruise during Spring Break due to upcoming events not allowing us to go in our normal time frame.. Families are on vacation at this time of the year because they feel like they HAVE to be and not because they want to be. The kids are out of school and they better take a vacation now because they don't know if they are going to be able take another one later this year. The attitudes are totally different. They haven't tried to slow down and just relax and have fun. Basically, we ran into more assholes on this one cruise than all of our others combined. I think we'll stick to our normal time frame for vacations in the future. Nothing like having your nice vacation blemished by some jack-ass that doesn't know how to relax.
On the bright side, we still had a great time. And, I got in some great diving. This picture is me on one of our dives in Nassau. Behind me is part of the DC-3 used in the movie, "Into the Blue." The airplane was torn up by a hurricane last year and parts of it are strewn all over the place, but you can still tell it was an airplane. This was about 60 feet down. I actually hit 100 feet on this dive, but as soon as I did, my gauges blew a seal and I got a pretty good air leak. We didn't abort the dive, but I kept an eye on my air pressure very closely from that point on.. We also saw a couple of old James Bond underwater sets on our next dive. We got in 3 good dives in 2 days. All the diving and scenery pictures will be loaded on the website after all the write ups are complete. I'll write more after the website has been updated.


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