Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I failed to mention in yesterday's write up a Congratulations. The ones of you that have known me for a number of years, know I used to race stock cars for a few years. During that time, I developed a good friendship with a driver out of LaGrange, GA named Jamie Carr. I met Jamie through a "friend of a friend" deal. I hung out with him when he raced dirt in Penton, Alabama. I helped in the pits and at home. I even hung out with him in Victory Lane a couple times. I even bought his entire dirt operation when he decided to go into the asphalt ranks. Over the years, Jamie helped me set up my car, gave me some great pointers on how to drive, helped me fix it when it was wrecked and even bought a lot of my operation when I decided to get out of racing. After many years of racing dirt and asphalt, Jamie kind of stepped away from it all to spend more time with his family. During this racing season, he got hooked up with an ARCA team. He worked on the cars, set them up, gassed them during pitstops at a couple races and even sat in as Crew Chief at another race. During all this, the owner of one of the cars they work on told Jamie if he could get a second car ready by the Springfield, ILL race, he could drive the car in that race. To make a long story short, Jamie did get the car ready and made the trip to Springfield this past weekend. He hadn't been behind the wheel of a race car in almost two years and wasn't sure what to think. But, he got it and it was like riding a bike. Jamie qualified for the race on time (not on points) and made his first ARCA start. Unfortunately, the day didn't last long. The carb picked up some trash, the engine lost power and finally puked out all it's water only 15 laps into the race. Jamie finished a distant 31st in the finishing order. BUT... He did get the car ready and he qualified for an ARCA event on speed his first time ever trying. Although the results didn't show it, it was a very productive weekend for him. Congrats Jamie on your first ARCA start. Hopefully, something will come along and you will make more in the very near future!!!!


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