Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Comic Book Guy Update for 20 Apr 07

As you know, 2 of the guys I work with are big World Of Warcraft (WOW) players. I mentioned the trips to the Comic Book store and the Majik store a few entries ago. Well, they are still trying to find those cards or whatever it is they are looking for, which means, repeated trips to the comic book store. There will be no repeated trips to the Majik store as the guy that worked there freaked them out just as much as he did me. So, they are just waiting for the Comic Book store to get the stuff in.

So, Friday, 20 Apr, we go to lunch and they stop by the Comic Book store. They ask me if I want to go in and I say, "No, but there may be some good write-up material I could miss if I stay in the truck, so I'll go in." I wasn't disappointed.
As the guys are looking around, the owner and his 5 year old son are standing up at the front of the store. A song comes on the radio that is very reminiscent of my childhood. It was the theme song they used in the Spider-Man cartoon back in the day. However, it was being played by "The Ramones," an American Band often regarded as the first "punk" band. The Comic Book guy jumped and said to his son, "Hey, it's the Ramon's." And then preceded to sing the Spider-Man theme along with the Ramones in a not-so-quiet voice. At that point, we all figured it was about time to go. See you next week, Freak.

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