Thursday, September 13, 2007

Test of New Way to Publish

I’ve been reading on Blogger that we can publish a blog entry by just emailing to a “secret” email address. I heard that it actually works from my Bro, Don, who’s in the process of deploying right now. The military blocks Blogger on it’s networks, so the only way for a Military member to update is use the email publisher.

I tried this when I first joined Blogger, but it messed up the template and everything of my blog, so I have never used it since. I thought I’d try it since the new Blogger was online and see if it works this time.

If it does, Thanks Don and Take Care, Bro!! If it doesn’t, still take care!!


At 13 September, 2007 20:40, Blogger **D** said...

Whoo-hoo!! It works.. Now that I know this owrks, I'll be able to update a lot more often.


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