Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Pop Tarts and Idol

Well, Sid got an answer back from Kellogg's. They said their recipe for Pop Tarts has not changed over the years. However, because of the advertising that has been put on the packages over the years has gotten bigger and more demanding of space, the actual packaging for the pop tarts has gotten bigger. Thus, making the Pop Tarts look smaller. Alright, I can see the box has gotten bigger, but that doesn't explain the foil pouch/pop tart size difference. Explanation: They had gotten complaints that people were having a hard time opening the pouches when the pop tart filled up the pouch, so as the boxes got bigger, they enlarged the pouches to make opening easier. It all makes sense, so I guess my Pop Tart Conspiracy can be laid to rest.
On another note: First off, let me state, emphatically, that I am not and never will be a fan of American Idol. My wife does watch it and if there is a really good performance or a hot chick in it, she will DVR it and play those parts back for me after the show is over. But, other than that, I don't care to see it. I have actually seen more bits from this season's show than any other, due to Chris Daughtry. That dude ROCKS!!! However, the American Music Listening Culture showed it's ignorance last night by booting Chris off the show. That just showed there is no room for rockers in the prime time world of "Boy Bands." But, in looking towards the future, this was probably the best thing to happen to Chris. He made it far enough to make one helluva name for himself and he isn't stuck under Simon Cowell's contract. He's free to get his own contract, which was probably offered more than once since his dismissal from the show was announced last night. I know one thing for sure: If a CD comes out that has Chris Daughtry's name on it, I'll be buying it.


At 16 May, 2006 08:26, Anonymous bp said...

Bah! You and my wife both will be buying his CD. He was decent. His style didn't range very much but he was good. No Sebastian Bach mind you but he should make a fairly decent CD.

At 16 May, 2006 16:35, Blogger **D** said...

Sabastian Bach was the S**T!!!


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