Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Slow Week

It's been another slow week with not a lot of stuff to talk about.. The best thing that's happened was my wife had another ultrasound and our little girl to be is doing great!! Still got a couple months to go, but all seems to be going good for now. (Knock on wood)..
We did start playing tennis a couple weeks ago.. So, now with my bowling equipment, golf equipment, racquetball equipment, bicycle, scuba equipment, and pilot supplies, I now have a tennis racket to keep up with. I'm also about as good at tennis as I am the others.. No, I take that back.. I REALLY suck at tennis. But, we're outside, having a good time and getting some exercise, so for now, playing ability doesn't really count. Good thing too. :)
One thing to report from this morning's conversation: If you Google "Volkswagen" "banana" and "cheese wiz" together, you will actually get 37 hits. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing????????
I'll try and write more often..
Have a great one..


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