Monday, May 21, 2007


A hearty Congratulations goes out to Dive Buddy Dee. She earned her PADI Advanced Open Water certification AND her Enriched Air/NITROX certifications this past weekend. She also made her first ocean and night dives of her diving career for these certifications. Below is her quick write up of her events:
All I can say for my first dive in the ocean--Oh Wow! We dove Friday and Saturday. Friday, the weather was beautiful and the water was calm. Perfect for my first dive. We did two dives that day and went back that night for two night dives. During the day, we got to see a shark hiding under the reef, a sting ray, puffer fish, lobsters, big blue fish that I can even name and soooo many others. It was just beautiful. Then we went back for a twilight dive. The weather was rough with thunder and lightning all around us and huge waves (to me) as we jumped in. As we descended, you could see the lightning from above and hear the thunder. That was the coolest thing ever. The reef was very active at this time of the day. The current wasn't too bad either so we just floated gently along the wall looking for critters. We saw two wrecks on this dive. We came up just before dark and did another dive after dark. Spooky but fun. We were at the wall of the reef and that's when it happened...we were a turtle! Yes, this peaceful animal came gracefully gliding toward us out of the dark and I thought, "How cool!" But then it kept coming right at me and I had to get out of the way. Tim, Dick and I were right there together and this turtle kept doing figure-eights around us causing us to keep dodging it until it finally rammed Tim and then left. It was quite an experience! Mark, who was hanging out just above all of this commotion, later said that it was quite amusing. The next day we did two more dives. The first was my deep dive for AOW so we went down to 97'. The water was so clear at this location that you could see the bottom almost as soon as you got in. This was also a drift dive but I think it was more like a fly-by as I swear we were going 30mph. (I later asked Tim how fast we were going and he said about 2mph.) Anyway, it felt like we were flying! It was the most beautiful dive of the trip with the water that clear as we sailed over the reef. We saw a couple more turtles on this day but they were all sleeping. Anyway, wow! Thank you Tim and Diversity Diving with Capt. Tony and DM Sherry for a great trip! I hope to do it again soon. Dee
Congrats Dive Buddy Dee!!!!
You done good. :)

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At 21 May, 2007 21:35, Blogger Dee said...

Thanks Buddy! It was awesome! I appreciate the encouragement you gave me to get both of these certifications...there was nothing to it! And whoever would have guessed that I'd EVER be jumping off of a boat in huge swells during a thunder storm in the ocean??? But you know what? I could never pee in my wet suit and thought I was going to bust! Oh well...just one more challenge to overcome. Thanks Dale.


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