Sunday, July 08, 2007

Can't sleep. Might as well update.

I can't sleep tonight. I laid down over two hours ago and just can't get settled down. I finally gave up and came up here to the computer thinking if I can do something up here, it will settle my mind and I will be able sleep later on. So, here I am doing something.

A lot has happened since my last post. So much so, that I haven't had the time to even sit down and write about it. First and foremost, Tiny Baby turned one year old on the 3rd. We had her birthday party on the Sunday before and had a great time. It was a family only occasion and I think she had a really good time. That year has gone by so quick. I can still remember sitting in the hospital that day waiting for everything to be over. Of course, I wasn't the one laying on the bed with patossin running through my body for 12 hours, so I had no reason to complain. But, everything turned out well and we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl who is already growing up too fast.

The 4th of July, we had another family day. Tiny Baby didn't let us sleep very late and so we just kind of lazed around the house and cleaned up a bit in the morning. The In-Laws came by for awhile and then it was nap time. For the baby and us. After everyone woke up from the nap, we all went to my parents' house for a family get together. Tiny Baby and I got in the pool together. She seemed to have a pretty good time, but she wasn't real sure what to make of it. She lasted about 15 minutes and then was over it. So, we got out and visited with all the family after that. She was passed around from person to person for the next 2 hours. She handled it like a trooper and was good the entire afternoon.

The next two days at work were pretty painful. Most of the Active Duty people took off and a lot of the civilians did also. So, those of us that were left, had very little (if anything) to do at all. I had some work I took care of, but after that, it was (twiddle thumbs, whistling...)

Heather and I have been talking about getting new cars. My Tundra doesn't have a big enough back seat for the baby seat to be in there and me to carry a passenger and she just isn't real happy with her current vehicle. It's not a bad vehicle by any means, it's not her dream vehicle and is wanting an upgrade. We've had my truck up for sale for a couple months. I haven't done a whole lot to get the word out there. I've put it in the Credit Union Bulletin a few times and I've parked it out by the street at home on the weekends, but other than riding around with a sign in the window, that's about it. We want to sell mine, use that money as a down payment on my new one and trade hers in to get her one. That's the plan anyway. Today, we decided to go to the Toyota dealership and just look at what they have on the lot. I KNOW I'm getting a Toyota and she wants to have another one, so we decided to go look today. We got to the lot and made it about half way across before a Salesman got to us. We told him we were just looking and he was cool with that. He was asking a few questions and then I told him what we were both looking for. Me, a black TRD Sport Tacoma and her a 4Runner or Highlander. They didn't have any black ones on the lot, but they had two dark blue (Indigo Ink Pearl) ones. Heather loved the color and it grew on me the more we looked at it. They got the keys, started one up and pulled it out in the lot for me to have a better look at it. Yeah, I like this. We decide to run the numbers and see what we're up against. Long story short: After crunching the numbers, looking at incentives, rebates and APR specials, I didn't get my '07 V6 TRD Sport Tacoma. But, I did get my new '07 V8 TRD Off Road Tundra. Yeah, baby. BEEFY. Love this truck. It's got the back seat I needed and plenty of other stuff. It's much more truck than I need, but sometimes, excess is a good thing. I don't have a pic of it yet, but I'll take one tomorrow or so. I do need to mention that getting the Tundra instead of the Tacoma was actually Heather's idea. We she crunched the numbers on the Tacoma with the APR we were being offered versus the Tundra with Toyota's 0% APR for 60 months, financially, it was a no brainer. I'm REALLY glad I have her when it comes to everything, but especially when it comes to matters of the pocketbook. :)

I'll leave you all with this picture.. We're getting Tiny Baby to feed herself. That works out great with chicken nuggets, peas and corn and things like that. Chef Boy-R-Dee Beef-o-Roni? Not so much.

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At 09 July, 2007 08:45, Anonymous bp said...

You shall die a thousand death's by paper cuts!!! I knew I should have charged you more!!!!!!!!

At 09 July, 2007 17:18, Blogger **D** said...

LOL.. No. I paid for the yard, Heather paid for the truck. She pays the cars, I pay the mortgage. :)


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