Friday, October 19, 2007

How to have your day started off on the wrong foot...

Heather had a golf tournament today and needed to be at work early. I had jobs that had to be done this morning, so I couldn’t go in late. We were wondering how to get Ansley to the daycare when Leslie, my younger sister, volunteered to take her for us. Awesome.. Thank you!!! Leslie came over this morning, picked up Ansley and took her to the Daycare after they opened. Ansley is in a new room since the last time my sister had taken her or picked her up, so when she walked in, the Daycare crew didn’t know her and she didn’t know the routine for this room. She asked what they needed her to do. They showed her where to sign Ansley in and where to place her diaper bag for safe keeping. After she was all signed in, the daycare worker asked my sister, “So, are you the Grandmother?”

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